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2020 Online Conference 

Answers to Submitted Questions

Below are responses to a selection of questions that were received during the Diversity and Inclusion in UK Nuclear 2020 Online Conference.  The responses have been provided by Lisa Stanger, Principal Consultant, Thomas Thor Associates

How can you make all CVs not reveal gender etc? For example, on my cv is things like 'women in physics rep' which gives it away a little.

Not all companies want to see completely neutral CVs so it’s not always necessary. I’d put the question back: why would you want to strip out information such as that? Surely the very nature of being involved with ‘women in…’ organisations is for profile elevation and representation. It’s a tricky one!

Regarding recruitment; looking at pre-application, how do you make your company attractive to a diverse range of applicants?

 By living and breathing what we represent. Our organisation is pretty diverse so looking like what we want to represent, so showing ourselves as inclusive is hugely important.

 What are the key steps in retention of a more diverse workforce, after recruitment?

 I despise the word ‘employee’ because I feel is delineates a them and us culture. Each individual member of a company is there for a reason and it’s up to the infrastructure and colleagues to ensure the collective and individual culture. Acknowledging the individual and embracing all that they are will automatically drive respect and inclusion. Now, who wouldn’t want to be part of that?

Any advice on hiring purely remote employees, thereby accessing a larger, more diverse talent pool than which is local to parts of the UK nuclear industry?

 Technology (that works!) and a culture of engagement pay dividends. Take your time in getting to know their past working history and getting to know them beyond just work. Offer flexibility but expect flexibility in return and lay clear ground rules.

 Can we challenge working practices such as working from home and flexibility to allow more diversity? Most arrangements are largely unchanged over past 40 yrs.

 Yes! Giving trust gets respect and most people don’t want to take money for nothing. There are so many people out there who are missed opportunities because they can’t conform to the 9-5 but they have immeasurable value to offer for the right company and situation.

Thank you for taking the time to respond to these questions Lisa. 

Lisa was one of our interviewees featured at the Diversity and Inclusion in UK Nuclear Conference 2020. You can read more about the conference here.  You can view the video featuring Lisa and other interviewees here.

Responses prepared and published: August 2020



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