2020 Conference Speakers Session 1 contd

2020 CONFERENCE SPEAKERS (Session 1 Interviews continued)


Principal Consultant, Thomas Thor Associates


Nuclear Authority, National Nuclear Laboratory (NNL)


Nuclear Engineer, nucleargraduates


Lead Safety Case Project Correspondent

General Nuclear System Limited

Lisa has worked within the nuclear industry for more than a decade and has a real interest in helping to diversify the narrative around the skills and expertise that the sector attracts.

Lisa's early career within customer services serves as a foundation to her experience and her work as a freelancer, supporting individuals within their careers and companies with their prospective people; has helped shape her interest in inclusivity, not just within the nuclear sector, but throughout industry as a whole.

Dr Des Wright is the Nuclear Authority for NNL, a role that is a specialist advisor to the Chief Executive Officer to ensure that all nuclear operations within NNL remain compliant to regulatory and legislative requirements through Independent Oversight and support.

He has more than 20 years' experience of nuclear industry experience and has a proven track record in a range of senior operational, business and technical roles that include leading the operation of NNL nuclear facilities at Sellafield and significant business and Capability departments.

Des is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry with a PhD in chemistry from University of Newcastle upon Tyne.

Patrick Herbert has been striving to work in the nuclear industry for years since learning about the potential of nuclear fusion, at the age of 14. Since then all the education choices he has made, were geared towards entering the industry. He studied Nuclear Engineering and then Physics and Technology of Nuclear Reactors at the University of Birmingham.

Since then Patrick has done many work placements within the nuclear industry:

  • Neutronics coding at the Joint European Torus;
  • Radiation Shielding and research into reducing source term, both at Rolls-Royce;
  • Created a comparison course of Sizewell B, the EPR and HPR 1000 for EDF Energy;
  • Looked at the lifing of ageing AGRs for EDF's Asset Management team;
  • Assisted with Criticality, Shielding and Assay assessments at Magnox.

The nuclear industry has given Patrick so much in a short amount of time and he Iooks forward to continuing his journey within it.

Andrew Steer is the Lead Safety Case Project Correspondent for General Nuclear System Limited who represent the requesting parties of: CGN (China General Nuclear), EDF SA, and GNI (General Nuclear International) for the UK HPR1000 GDA project that is intended to lead onto the Bradwell B project.

His main role is leading the regulatory interactions for the UK HPR1000 Safety Case on behalf of the Requesting Parties as well as leading a team of Project Correspondents based in London.

Andrew has over 13 years’ experience in the nuclear industry having delivered safety cases at a variety of UK nuclear sites and for a previous GDA project.

Andrew holds a PhD in Nuclear Physics and worked as a safety case consultant for over 10 years prior to joining General Nuclear System in January 2018.



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