2020 Workshop Tour

Diversity and Inclusion in UK Nuclear Workshop Tour 2020 in partnership with EqualEngineers

Diversity and Inclusion in UK Nuclear, is teaming up with EqualEngineers to hold a workshop tour in 2020.

The workshop topic will be: 'Engineering a Winning Workforce: Engaging the Majority’.

This training has already been delivered to male-majority teams and to over 1,000 engineers, technicians and operatives
that work for major engineering employers in the defence, aerospace, rail and energy sectors.

Workshop Objectives:

• Understand your passion and what you can do to create a purpose-driven workforce.
• Evaluate your biases and how they impact on building trust.
• Identify personal and organisational barriers to inclusion and devise an action plan to overcome.
• Articulate your diversity story and become a role model for others.
• Learn how to engage with your peers, clients and employees to have better interpersonal relationships.
• Harness the benefits of positive mental health and wellbeing to thrive at work.

The training session will last for approx. 2.5 hours. 

Diversity and Inclusion in UK Nuclear is a not for profit initiative. We have subsidised the delegate ticket costs for the initial pilot wave of the tour.  The subsidised ticket prices for the first set of tour dates is £99+VAT per delegate.

Tour dates, locations and booking links are provided below.  


Cumbria, Wednesday 08 January, A.M. Session:  http://buytickets.at/marickcommunicationsltd/327053

Cumbria, Wednesday 08 January, P.M. Session:  http://buytickets.at/marickcommunicationsltd/327505

Cumbria, Thursday 09 January,  A.M. Session: http://buytickets.at/marickcommunicationsltd/327490

Cumbria, Thursday 09 January, P.M. Session: http://buytickets.at/marickcommunicationsltd/327515


London, Monday 13 January, A.M. Session: http://buytickets.at/marickcommunicationsltd/327523


London, Monday 13 January, P.M. Session:  http://buytickets.at/marickcommunicationsltd/327517


Birchwood Park, Warrington, Monday 10 February, AM Session:  http://buytickets.at/marickcommunicationsltd/327526


Birchwood Park, Warrington, Monday 10 February P.M.Session: http://buytickets.at/marickcommunicationsltd/327531


Birchwood Park, Warrington, Tuesday 11 February A.M. Session: http://buytickets.at/marickcommunicationsltd/327532


Birchwood Park, Warrington, Tuesday 11 February P.M. Session: http://buytickets.at/marickcommunicationsltd/327533

Cumbria, Wednesday 12 February A.M. Session: https://buytickets.at/marickcommunicationsltd/328996

Cumbria, Wednesday 12 February P.M. Session: https://buytickets.at/marickcommunicationsltd/329000

MARCH 2020

Birchwood Park, Warrington, Wednesday 11 March A.M. Session: https://buytickets.at/marickcommunicationsltd/328998

Birchwood Park, Warrington, Wednesday 11 March P.M. Session: https://buytickets.at/marickcommunicationsltd/329002


Renfrew, Scotland, Tuesday 17 March A.M. Session: http://buytickets.at/marickcommunicationsltd/327550


Renfrew, Scotland, Tuesday 17 March P.M. Session: http://buytickets.at/marickcommunicationsltd/327554


Renfrew, Scotland, Wednesday 18 March A.M. Session: http://buytickets.at/marickcommunicationsltd/327560


Renfrew, Scotland, Wednesday 18 March P.M. Session: http://buytickets.at/marickcommunicationsltd/327561


Liverpool, Tuesday 24 March A.M. Session: http://buytickets.at/marickcommunicationsltd/327576


Liverpool, Tuesday 24 March P.M. Session: http://buytickets.at/marickcommunicationsltd/327577


Liverpool, Wednesday 25 March A.M. Session: http://buytickets.at/marickcommunicationsltd/327578


Liverpool, Wednesday 25 March P.M. Session: http://buytickets.at/marickcommunicationsltd/327579

APRIL 2020


Bristol, Tuesday 21 April A.M. Session:  http://buytickets.at/marickcommunicationsltd/327562


Bristol, Tuesday 21 April P.M. Session: http://buytickets.at/marickcommunicationsltd/327564


Bristol, Wednesday 22 April A.M. Session: http://buytickets.at/marickcommunicationsltd/327572


Bristol, Wednesday 22 April P.M. Session: http://buytickets.at/marickcommunicationsltd/327573


Oxford, Tuesday 28 April A.M. Session: http://buytickets.at/marickcommunicationsltd/327580


Oxford, Tuesday 28 April P.M. Session: http://buytickets.at/marickcommunicationsltd/327581


Oxford, Wednesday 29 April A.M. Session: http://buytickets.at/marickcommunicationsltd/327582


Oxford, Wednesday 29 April P.M. Session:  http://buytickets.at/marickcommunicationsltd/327584


Download a copy of the flyer containing the tour dates here: Tour Dates Flyer 2020

Please direct any registration queries to: register@marickpartners.co.uk or call 0161 877 7693

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