Week 2 #CountDownToChristmas

WEEK 2 - #CountDownToChristmas 

Our updates for 8 and 11 December 


Today's resource: Dr Miranda Brawn's  Diversity Leadership Annual Lecture

Monica Mwanje's Review:

'On 1st October 2020 I attended the Fifth Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Annual Lecture. The event took place via webinar.  The topic of the lecture was: ‘Black Lives Matter: Drive Change Through Everyday Inclusion’.  A fitting choice of topic, due to the lecture falling at the start of Black History Month in the UK and midway through National Inclusion week.


During the lecture Dr Brawn shared action points for organisations and for individuals. She highlighted that organisations that are not effectively being/living diversity, equity and inclusion, risk losing competitive advantage.  The need to make inclusion everyone’s responsibility and that active involvement is key to drive change was a key message.  Inclusion needs to be embedded into the DNA of an organisation and worked on daily.


Why I’m recommending this lecture: In just under 30 minutes, Dr Brawn shares some tangible steps anyone can take, to tackle racism in their workplace and to drive inclusion. She highlighted simple things that can be done to help make progress. I also liked how she shared key reports / referred to existing models that organisations can draw learning and inspiration from when developing or reviewing their own work programmes. The lecture was accessible. A key statement that resonated with me was: “Silent allies are useless.”  That reminded me of the importance of using my voice to help create real change where I can.


During the webinar Dr Brawn expanded on the National Inclusion Week Theme of Each One, Reach One, updating it to: Each One, Reach One, Teach One. In the spirit of that, I’m sharing the link to the recording of the lecture in the hope others learn from it too:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=56x5J_9j4Ds&t=17s '



Today's resource: "Why don't CEO's believe the McKinsey data?", a Wilton & Bain webinar"

Speakers: Frank Douglas and Wayne Clark. Host: Chloe Watts

Why we picked it: The discussion explored culture change and what’s needed to effectuate it. It touched on the role that boards can play in advancing inclusion and diversity in the workplace, and the associated education and actions required.

This article on the Wilton & Bain website summarises the discussion and contains a link to a recording of the webinar.



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