Week 4 #CountdownToChristmas

WEEK 4 - #CountDownToChristmas 

Our updates for 22 and 24 December 

22 december - 3 DAYS LEFT!

Today's resource: How to Welcome Faith Oriented Diversity & Communications in the Workplace

Speaker: Kent Johnson, J.D. 

This webinar on the topic of Religious Inclusion by the Religious Freedom and Business Foundation explores one facet of diversity that is often overlooked. 

"Company leaders are realizing that, for many employees, it is their faith, more than any other single factor, that defines their core identity.

When corporate culture constrains them from referring to their faith at work, they feel devalued, and forced “under cover.” They feel they can’t “be themselves.” They can become alienated from their work.

Yet, many business leaders have no idea how to approach the topic of faith and belief in the workplace. They wonder: What are the best practices in this area? What are pitfalls to avoid? What can/should be done?"

24 December - 1 DAY LEFT1

Today's resources:

The ACAS guide to Neurodiversity in the workplace


Oxfordshire councillor shares her story of adult Autism diagnosis

For the 8th and final part of our series, we picked two resources which explore the topic neurodiversity from different angles: one is a guide to understanding neurodiverse colleagues and the support employers can offer; the other is the lived experience of an Oxfordshire politician who was diagnosed with autism in her adulthood.

We hope you'll find these resources useful and that you enjoyed our Countdown To Christmas series!

Here is an excerpt from Alexandrine's story:

"Alexandrine Kantor, 33, who represents Wheatley on South Oxfordshire District Council, was diagnosed with autism only earlier this year.

Many Autism diagnoses are made in childhood, but it is becoming increasingly common for them to be made in adulthood.

Ms Kantor, who was brought up in France, said the diagnosis came after she began to research the ways the condition manifests in women differently to men."



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