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Tips from the Diversity and Inclusion in UK Nuclear Conference 2019

Comments and feedback were gathered during the day at the Diversity and Inclusion in UK Nuclear conference. 

We have listed below the tips attendees have shared in their drive to improve inclusion and diversity in their working environments.

  1. Have an ask culture rather than a tell culture.
  2. Ensure awareness of unconscious bias - provide training for all interviewers.

  3. Train interviewers about bias and privilege.

  4. Really work hard and remember to recognise / identify unconscious bias. Often we are not even aware.

  5. Consciously not gravitating to recruiting people like yourself.

  6. Have conversations with people who think differently and are not 'converted' or bought into Diversity and Inclusion.

  7. Strength based interviewing.

  8. Challenge how our companies define diversity. Thought not just appearance.

  9. Practice good professional behaviours that are inclusive (time keeping, not having conversations when people leave the room).

  10. Recognise skills that you value rather than background.

After the conference we were alerted to a resource provided by NNL to the Nuclear Skills Strategy Group (NSSG). You can view the resource bank here;  Resource Bank

Article published: September 2019



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